Picture perfect

Edwin Phillips invites readers of The Eye to submit entries for our ‘caption competition’.

This is Prince Charles meeting staff at the official opening of Swansea university’s controversial Bay Campus condemned by staff as a “disaster”.

Here are some suggestions for what may have actually been said:

  1.  Marc Clement, head of university management school, to HRH:  “I think we have met before…”
  2. HRH to Professor Clement:  “… how did you get here?  I thought there was enough trouble with that previous fellow.”
  3. HRH to Professor Clement:  “… Gor blimey, Marky boy!  Good staff must be thin on the ground if they get you to head-up the School of Management!”
  4. HRH to Professor Clement:  “Whatever did happen to that scholarship scheme, Marc?  It seemed like rather a good idea to me”

Caption competition picture

As usual no prizes unfortunately – just the knowledge you have stuck it to the man!

On Monday Edwin Phillips reads a stern email to solitary Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams about her use of the ministerial car.