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Police investigate alleged racism

Police investigate alleged racism

The blog of a right wing Welsh nationalist who posted a picture of a paramilitary leader holding a gun and has been placed on a security watch list, has been reported again to the police for alleged racism against the English, The Eye can reveal.

An investigation was launched by North Wales Police after a complaint from a member of the public about the website ‘Jac o’ the North’, and the Editor, Royston Jones, was officially warned to remove abusive comments or it may be closed down, according to sources.

The case has been transferred to a unit which specialises in hate crime on the internet.

In the comments section, a reader posted:  “This weekend I had to cut down a cherry tree in our garden that was starting to undermine the foundations of the english arshole next door’s garage …

“Eventually it toppled but it was far too heavy for me to shift in one piece so I decided there was no other way other than to cut the trunk in half with my small axe.

“Chip, chip, chip and half an hour later the trunk was in two and the trunk was ready for disposal.”

Another contributor wrote:  “You were too ready to accomodate (sic) the Anglo twat.”

Controversial website

Blog which may be shut down

The statement was also made on the blog:  (the true racists) who want to destroy Welsh identity and replace it with an intolerant Englishness, are allowed to portray themselves as generous and liberal!”

The complainant said:  “This is horrendous language. 

“If you substitute the word ‘Paki’ for English or Anglo, the racism is obvious”.

Petition on 'Jac o' the North' website

Petition on ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog

Mr Jones has an interesting background, revealed by The Eye.

He has been reported to the police a number of times before, and now been placed on a security monitoring list.

His blog promotes a petition calling for social housing bought using Welsh public funds, to be allocated to Welsh people.


Mr Jones is an elderly pensioner (ironically taking the money of English taxpayers) who fondly recalls his time 50 years ago as a supporter of the 1960s Welsh paramilitary organisation The Free Wales Army (FWA).

He was in charge of a Gwynedd heating firm, and has posted a picture on his blog of the dead leader of the FWACayo Evans, pointing a gun at the camera, while others look on laughing, along with other leading members of the group.

Mr Jones demands the anniversary of Mr Evans’ death be marked.

Earlier this year he described The Eye Editor, Phil Parry, as alying bastard”, and vermin” as well as accusing us of being part of the Labour party and the police.

Meanwhile a critic of Welsh language policies was assigned a dedicated police officer after his life was threatened when he published his views.

Jacques Protic, who lives somewhere in North Wales, was given the officer to monitor possible law-breaking.

He has been told his “time will come” by an opponent, and he is worried for the safety of his children.

Threats on Mr Protic’s life have been constant and in one incident a telephone caller said:  I’m going to do your fucking head in”.

The intimidation was on speaker-phone and frightened his 10 year old daughter.

Cayo Evans with gun on 'Jac o' the North website'

Cayo Evans with gun posted on ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog

His car tyres have also been slashed.


The violence erupted after he published criticism of education through the medium of Welsh and attacked Welsh-language employment practices.

Mr Jones had written on the ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog:  (Jacques Protic) is a Serb” (Mr Protic’s father worked for the Yugoslav National Bank, and he came to Britain as a teenager).

Mr Jones is currently embroiled in a controversy which centres on Cardigan castle.

A trustee of a group which secured a £12 million restoration of the castle, quit due to online “persecution”.

Cardigan castle - focus of internet outburst

Cardigan castle – focus of internet outburst

Glen Johnson said he was stepping down from Cadwgan Building Preservation Trust (CBPT) due to the harassment from a small number of unnamed people.

He added: “The main reason for my resignation is to protect my family from the virtual persecution currently being dealt out by a small number of individuals who have taken exception to the castle and its trustees because the project is not precisely as they would like it.”

Castles provide protection from invaders but not, it seems, from persecution on social media.


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  1. ‘Jac’ certainly does not know when to shut up. October 2016 and he’s supporting the Argentine claim to the Falklands based on no evidence whatsoever and to the irritation of those, particularly of Welsh origin, who live there. For a man who apparently wants independence, it is surprising that he wishes to see the annexation of others.

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  3. I have recently discovered that Jac ‘strongly suspects’ that ‘Bilingo’ is a plot by M15. He also stated as a fact that the government is ‘hiding behind the maimed and the disabled’ and it will be hiding behind ‘the maimed and the dead’ on Armistice Day.

    You have been taking it for granted that he is a pathetic ‘jerk’ who is responsible for his actions. Perhaps there is another explanation. In some but not all of his posts he appears to be living in a fantasy world.

  4. Good article.

    Except for the fact that Jac O The North isn’t on a monitoring list, was exonerated of all allegations and hasn’t been told to remove any comments.

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