You’ll never bring me down

We are suffering from Trump outrage fatigue and ready to fight back against him like the Dutch did this week showing Geert Wilders there is still some sanity here in the EU. 45, after a quiet Tweet free weekend, released all that pent-up Twitter rage attacking Rachel Maddow this week and the judge who stopped his Muslim ban. He was up to his old tricks this week as many speculated he released to the NYT a 12 year old Tax Form showing how the AMT or Alternative Minimum Tax that year forced him to pay a whopping 25% tax rate (those in his income bracket pay 39.6%) and his $103 million dollar loss could have lowered his tax bill on $150 million dollars to just 7.5 million or 4%.

Her Majesty the Queen gave her assent to the Brexit Bill meaning any day now Theresa May will pull the grenade pin and set our economy on the path to oblivion by invoking Article 50 and beginning the 2-year Brexit process. Heaven help us all!

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