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Watching our politicians is riveting

Watching our politicians is riveting

After huge disturbances by protesters demanding more Senedd TV after Christmas, an advance copy of viewing figures shows that First Minister’s Questions had the highest rating of 12as Brenig Davies reads a media release announcing the triumph.

Owing to the enormous popularity of Senedd TV, a further series of programmes is planned, during the period of election purdah, before the Welsh Assembly poll in May.

The Chief Executive of Senedd TV fears that the absence of live screening of Assembly business during the election campaign, may result in a loss of viewers when programmes return.

The highest viewing figure of 12 for First Minister’s Questions shows there is a huge appetite for these programmes.

During the period when the First Minister had to respond to the inaccurate reports about the Welsh NHS in the London Daily Mail, the audience for his weekly question time was only marginally less than S4C afternoon programmes.

Vast crowds watch Senedd TV

Crowds gather to watch Senedd TV

Senedd TV is now consulting with the creative director of Channel Four about suitable programmes to go out on four consecutive Tuesdays during the four weeks of the election campaign – regrettably these will be English.

Polling has established that the typical Senedd TV viewer is a pensioner or, if in work, a Cardiff bay journalist or political adviser, who enjoys watching ‘Loose Women’ but has despaired of life.

The following programmes have been shortlisted by Channel Four.

(The names in brackets are those who have provided the requisite 10p sponsorship.)

Yes Minister (Sir Derek Jones Welsh Government Permanent Secretary).



The camera never lies

Easy does it...

Easy does it…

House of Cards (Gordon Brown, former Labour Prime Minister).

Dad’s Army (Paul Flynn MP).

History Boys (Lord William Hague former MP).

The Life and Times of Lloyd George (Lembit Opik, ex-Lib Dem MP and former partner of a Cheeky Girl who is currently looking for daytime television work).

Gavin and Stacy (Edwina Hart AM and Business Minister).

The Muppets (The remaining eight Lib Dem MPs).

The Thick of It (Lord Peter Benjamin Mandelson, former European Commissioner and confidant of former prime ministerTony Blair).

Rape of the Fair Country (Leanne Wood AM and leader of Plaid Cymru).

Typical Senedd TV viewer

Watching Senedd TV is absorbing

How Green was my Valley (Alice Hooker-Stroud, new leader of Wales’ Green Party).

The Campaign (Alastair Campbell former communications adviser to Tony Blair).


In The Loop (Lord Danny Alexander, former Lib Dem MP and member of the coalition ‘quad’).

Dr. Strangelove – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Dr Lima Fox, former Defence Secretary).

Bananas (Nigal Farage leader of UKIP and MEP).

The Great Dictator (Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party).

Team America: World Police (Tony Blair).       

Girl On A Motorcycle (Alan Davies AM).

The Eye readers are invited to add to the list of possible programmes and suitable sponsors.

The final list of four programmes will be viewed in English or Welsh by pressing the red button.

This option will enable Senedd TV translators to remain in employment during the election campaign.

Tomorrow on The Eye why North Wales floods after Christmas have underlined environmental fears new science park is at wrong site.

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