The Three Muckrakers

These fast-moving and lively podcasts discuss and debate the confluence of politics and media in the United Kingdom, USA, Wales and internationally.

Hosted by Phil Parry former BBC anchor and editor of the investigative journalism website The Eye, Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive magazine, and Paul Halliday, a political and religious commentator all from South Wales, the gang gives a satirical and serious look at the unvarnished and unwashed latest global political news.

Each show begins with a with a satirical look at the story of the week, followed by a discussion of a big issue being ignored by the media and politicos. We then segue into three 11-minute segments combining UK, Wales, US and Global politics. We push the tough issues and ask the tough questions that you want to see answered. More than just a w(h)ine or rant, we try to offer solutions to key issues and demand accountability from those in power.

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